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Brick paver is one of the widely used materials by paving contractors. For over 20 years now, we have been offer brick paving services to clients from all over the world. We operate out of Bay City area of California with multiple offices.

One of the attributes that set us apart from other companies is that we make the bricks in our facility using natural materials. Do not get it twisted; our team carries out rigorous tests on the raw materials before they are used in the manufacturing process. Doing this greatly helps in ensuring that the bricks that we use for blacktop driveway projects meet both local and international standards.

Just like asphalt sealcoating, we work smart to apply fillings in between the bricks to prevent water infiltration. This is based on the fact that water is one of the leading causes of brick pavement damage especially in areas that experience heavy rainfall. In addition, we will use the best driveway sealer in the world to apply a sealing coat on top of the bricks to enhance the entire driveway’s durability.

Using our certified equipment and skills, we make different types of brick pavers. For areas that experience high traffic, it is recommendable to install the strongest bricks but for place that experience low traffic, you can use the conventional bricks. It is not easy to know the difference and that is where our experts will come in. Based on the area that you intend to install the bricks or the kind of driveway that you want to construct, we will help you choose the right brick pavers to use.

Unlike concrete paving, it is recommendable to have a foundation below the brick pavers to avoid development of potholes and unnecessary bumps. Using our years of experience, we will construct the foundation from scratch before placing the pavers. However, before we place the brick pavers, our quality assurance team will assess the foundation to know if it meets the set standards.

Other services that we offer include:

  • Blacktop Patch Repair
  • Porous Asphalt Application
  • Hot Mix Asphalt Application
  • Asphalt Resurfacing
  • Concrete Paving
  • Asphalt maintenance
  • Asphalt Crack Repair
  • Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Pothole Repair

Our staff is required to wear protective gear to prevent any unforeseen occurrences as they work such as accidents. More importantly, they are highly trained on how to use all the equipment that we use to offer this service hence chances of accidents occurring are very slim but we hate to take chances. It is also good to note that they undergo a number of health and safety courses from time to time to give them information on how to prevent and respond to various incidents.

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