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We are the most experienced Napa Asphalt company with over 30 years under our belt providing quality concrete, asphalt & brick paver driveways & parking lots. We are fully licensed & insured, family owned company that takes pride in the fact that we built our business through customer satisfaction, word of mouth & repeat customers.

We also provide blacktop sealcoating, asphalt repair & new installation pavements to surrounding cities of Petaluma, Fairfield, Vallejo California.

Here are some of the attributes that give us a higher cutting edge than other paving companies do.

  • We have a convenient and affordable pricing module
  • We use high quality materials
  • Full insured
  • We offer a three year guarantee on all driveway paving and driveway sealing services
  • We have networks with other leading paving companies and manufacturers from all across the globe

Over the years, we have mastered all the techniques and methods that are used to pave driveways and parking lots. We undergo training from time to time that improves our ability to offer asphalt paving services as well as learn new ways of offering our services.

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Asphalt Installation


Asphalt is one of the best construction materials that you can use to breathe life to your packing lot or driveway. However, it has to be installed professionally for you to get maximum utility from it hence; it is recommendable to hire an expert.

Our team has the skills and ability to carry out asphalt installation services from the start to the end. After the first layer, we will come back and use our modern asphalt sealer to coat the driveway so as to prevent water damage.

Asphalt Repair


Most of the asphalt repairs are complex and require a unique set of skills and expertise. We have the skills and ability to repair pavement and driveways that are constructed using asphalt. To do this, we will first assess the magnitude of the damage to come up with the ideal repair package.

For instance, if the driveway is filled with potholes, we will advise on whether to refill the holes or construct a completely new driveway all together. It is more economical and wise to construct a new one if the potholes are too many as repairing is just a temporary solution.

Concrete Paving


As the title suggests, this is a special service that entails using concrete material to construct a new pavement or driveway. We offer this service in both residential and commercial premises. Our team will come with all the tools and equipment required to pour the concrete on the designated area evenly.

We will also go an extra mile and apply a thick seal coat on top of the concrete to increase its durability. If you have a tar and chip driveway, we can replace it within a week or less depending on its size and your preferences.

Brick Pavers


We have the ability to use high quality pavers to construct a driveway or pavement in your premises. Before embarking on the project, we will give you a number of driveway ideas to help you decide on how you want the driveway to look like.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Bay Cities Asphalt did a great job of repaving our driveway. The project was done in a matter of days. It makes our home look as if it were built from the ground up…amazing what a fresh coat of pavement can do to add value to the entire home. Very hard workers. Happy to recommend.

- Richard

I appreciate the quality work that Bay Cities Asphalt did on my retaining wall and ensured a clean environment after they left. Let’s face it. The project was no walk in the park, but they made it seem so effortless. Very professional finish and looks as if brand new! When people ask, “Who did your wall?” I point them in your direction. Thanks again.

- John

I’ll always recommend Bay Cities Asphalt to everyone their service was amazing! Their crew were patient, thorough, and fast! Their prices were unbeatable (trust me, I’ve tried) and their customer service is second-to-none. Thank you.

- Mary